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Elevate Your Wellbeing From the Inside Out

Empowering Transformation with Tailored Mindfulness Programs


At Peace Inside Live, we understand the desire to balance the demands of our modern world, constantly evolving technology landscape, and the need for greater peace, purpose and fulfillment.

With our finely curated network of over 100 wellness experts, we bring you transformative wellness programs, workshops, and retreats tailored for the modern workforce.

Experience the shift from FOMO to JOMO and witness an upgrade in your company culture or community.


Our Core Services


Workplace Wellbeing Programs

Tailored programs to meet the unique needs of your organization, from mindfulness sessions to breathing sessions, yoga and beyond. Whether in-person or online, we're here to ensure your team thrives.


Soulful Retreats

Experience the transformative power of our retreats. Let us take you on a journey in your local neighborhood or even to the Himalayas of Nepal. Interwoven with mindfulness practices, shift perspectives and experience rapid personal and professional growth all while developing as leaders and teams. 


FOMO to JOMO Journal & Workshop

Shift from the Fear of Missing Out to the authentic Joy of Missing Out. With our journal and workshop, we teach you how to harness the power of presence, create your own roadmap for joy and truly savor life's moments.

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21 Day Meditation Challenge

In just three weeks, revolutionize the way you approach stress, challenges, and daily life. This series offers a comprehensive path to inner peace and heightened awareness.

Maya Draisin, Co-founder TIMEPieces, Chief Brand Officer, TIME

“Peace Inside Live was a fantastic partner (on the JOMO Effect). They created a movement not a moment and visibility and engagement were over the top.”

Leaves Shadows

Let's Co-Create Your Perfect Wellbeing Solution.

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