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Bespoke Wellbeing Programs for the Modern Workplace


Introducing mindfulness and wellbeing in the business realm can revolutionize the work environment. From single workshops to weekly guided sessions, our offerings can be tailor-made for your company's unique needs.



At Peace Inside Live, we understand the modern corporate environment. The demands of a rapidly-evolving workspace require more than just conventional solutions; they need holistic approaches that address both the mind and body. Our offerings are tailored for tech-centric and innovative companies, aiding in shaping a culture of mental clarity, productivity, and genuine wellbeing. Here's a glimpse into our exclusive corporate offerings:


Company Retreats

Whether domestic or international, retreats are meticulously designed to align with your company's vision and goals. Foster creativity, teamwork, and personal growth in an environment that encourages out-of-the-box thinking. We specialize in creating memorable experiences that not only strengthen team bonds but also inspire innovative solutions, ensuring your team returns with a renewed sense of purpose and drive.

Workplace Wellbeing Programs

Tailored for the dynamic workplace, our Workplace Wellbeing Programs offer an immersive experience that blends mindfulness, yoga, breathwork, sound healing, and journaling. Whether you're seeking a single workshop or recurring sessions, our programs can be adapted to suit both onsite and online platforms like Zoom, Twitter Spaces, Discord and even the metaverse ensuring your team stays connected and centered.


FOMO to JOMO Workshop

This age of endless digital connectivity, the 'Fear of Missing Out' (FOMO) can be a persistent challenge. Our workshop delves into understanding FOMO's impact on well-being and productivity. We specialize in building and executing strategies to transition from FOMO to the 'Joy of Missing Out' (JOMO), empowering individuals to find balance and genuine contentment in today's fast-paced world.

21 Day Meditation Challenge

Unlock the transformative power of mindfulness and embark on a 21-day journey of self-awareness.

Designed to bolster gratitude, enhance focus, and foster genuine connections, this challenge goes beyond individual growth.

When embarked upon as a team, it acts as a powerful conduit for enhanced connection and collaboration, bridging gaps and nurturing a unified, cohesive work environment.

Participants are equipped with daily tools to navigate challenges, understand their reactions to stress, and access inner tranquility, culminating in a harmonious and more productive workplace.




Nikki Reid, Spotify

“Peace Inside Live has provided excellent workshops for Spotify that allowed us the opportunity to connect, learn about wellness and decompress. The variety of their offerings meets the needs of dynamic and diverse companies like Spotify.”
Leaves Shadows

Prioritize Wellbeing. Elevate Your Company.

Ready to empower your team and redefine workplace wellbeing? Book a Call Today to explore how Peace Inside Live can elevate your organization's wellbeing strategy.​

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