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Create A Life Changing Habit

The 21 Day Meditation Challenge

In 21 days you can experience a life-changing habit. 

Every day you can soothe stress and practice tools to regulate your nervous system. You can train yourself to drop habits, patterns and beliefs that hold you back from a life of ease, peace and connection. It doesn’t need to be difficult, it just needs to be consistent. This series contains the basics, and an array of ways “in” to your heart-space, because we know each day and every being presents with different needs. It is our most sincere hope that this series and our community of support will be one that you enjoy sinking into, that it can be a retreat for your mind and happy spirit each day.

Why Meditation?

Some of what you’ll practice in this challenge:


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You’ll learn how to: 

  • Focus and settle your mind

  • Embody gratitude 

  • Overcome limiting beliefs

  • Connect in a meaningful way with yourself and others

  • Understand others empathetically 

  • Develop and trust your inner wisdom 

  • Set your day up with intention

  • Listen to your heart and experience true happiness

  • Cultivate presence

  • Soothe your own nervous system

  • Ask yourself deep spiritual questions

  • Find greater acceptance of life as it is and grow your “letting go muscle”

  • Recognize your habitual, automatic reactions to stress

  • Access the resources of mindfulness and compassion in trying situations

  • Make more conscious choices in pressured situations

  • Grow wiser even in the storms of stress and challenge

  • Experience an empowered and joyful way of being in the world

  • Enter into a state of deep meditation and relaxation

  • To harmonize your mind and body

  • Ways to heal from and prevent burn-out and harmful stress

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What’s included in this challenge?


Days of video meditation with expert instruction and practice by facilitator Jordana Reim emailed directly to you


Day deep dive into compassion 


BONUS! A Good Night Sleep Prescription: 3 of Jordana’s most popular sleep meditations including Nighttime Ritual, Get Back to Sweet Sleep and The Magical Forest Sleep Meditation

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Your Meditation Journey Day by Day

Untitled design_edited.png

DAY 14

Kindness Introduction and Loving Kindness for Self

- 18:23 -

Untitled design_edited.png

DAY 13

Affirmation Practice

- 16:58 -

Untitled design_edited.png

DAY 12

Mantra Meditation

- 16:16 -

Untitled design_edited.png

DAY 11

Releasing Judgment

- 19:53 -

Untitled design_edited.png

DAY 10

The Energy You Need

-  20:06 -

Untitled design_edited.png


Soft Gaze of Peace

- 18:38 -

Untitled design_edited.png


Working with Distractions

- 17:07 -

Untitled design_edited.png


Kind Awareness of Emotions

- 18:23 -

Untitled design_edited.png


Consciousness of the Body

- 20:10 -

Untitled design_edited.png



- 23:48 -

Untitled design_edited.png


Find Your Center

- 19:53 -

Untitled design_edited.png


Your Meditation Anchor

-  18:29 -

Untitled design_edited.png


The 3 Essential Components of Meditation

- 18:47 -

Untitled design_edited.png


Building Meditation Motivation

- 18:50 -

Untitled design_edited.png

DAY 21

Love & Understanding

- 23:19 -

Untitled design_edited.png

DAY 20

Open Awareness

- 19:54 -

Untitled design_edited.png

DAY 19

Overcoming Obstacles & Challenge

- 16:05 -

Untitled design_edited.png

DAY 18

Loving Kindness - Full Practice

- 34:09 -

Untitled design_edited.png

DAY 17

Loving Kindness - For Challenging People

-  22:37 -

Untitled design_edited.png

DAY 16

Loving Kindness - For Strangers

- 23:59 -

Untitled design_edited.png

DAY 15

Loving Kindness - For Someone You Love

- 21:06 -

Meet Jordana

Nice to meet you! I love making practices for personal growth and inner peace simple and easily accessible. In my life journey I’ve lived in high-stress cities like New York and Los Angeles and held high-intensity jobs as an Executive Producer and in Business Development. I was born with anxiety pumping through my bloodstream and for some time, I thought that was how I thrived. Until I burnt out. I understand how challenging life can be when our hearts and minds aren’t aligned. Meditation unlocked a life for me where I found personal freedom - to take leaps of faith and to trust myself. I said goodbye to burnout and improved my work, relationships and health. Today I share the practices that changed my life with groups all over the world - from the Himalayas of Nepal and Bhutan to those same busy cities where I have lived to you, wherever you are in the world and in your life journey. I look forward to meditating with you!

Create A Life Changing Habit
Learn to Meditate
In 21 Days - Only $21

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Ash Kumra, Cofounder of Peak Mindful

Jordana’s teachings are a godsend. I love how she equates the medicinal benefits of meditation, countless strategies based on one’s situation. What’s more amazing is how vulnerable and authentic her own journey was that lead to here!

Amreet Y

In her guided meditations Jordana gracefully captures my attention and brings excitement to my meditative practice despite all of the constant distractions in my life. Her guidance has helped me fine tune my focus, my intention, and deepen my awareness.

Alex K

She does a fantastic job breaking down the process of mindfulness, focus, and intention setting by teaching lessons and creating an easy to follow guide, allowing you to make this incredible skill and habit, a daily part of your routine.

What techniques will we learn?


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