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Tools for a Mindful Life:
Curated Products For Inner Peace

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and inner calm with Peace Inside Live's curated collection of products for your wellbeing.




The JOMO Journal: Daily Practices for the JOY of Missing Out

Discover the empowerment of shifting from "FOMO to JOMO." Our thoughtfully crafted journal is your guide to navigating modern life's overwhelming choices, leading you from the anxious edges of FOMO to the contented embrace of living in your JOMO. Dive deeper into its pages for daily practices, insights, and inspiration to cultivate a life of abundance and genuine joy. 

21 Day Meditation Challenge

Create a life-changing habit with our 21 Day Meditation Challenge. Over three weeks, develop a practice that promises more than just relaxation—it offers a deep dive into self-awareness, wisdom, compassion, and an enhanced state of consciousness. Designed for both novices and seasoned practitioners, this challenge explores practices from mindfulness to gratitude, compassion and reflection. From fostering inner peace to refining your mindfulness techniques, take a step towards genuine self-growth.

Leaves Shadows

Elevate Your Wellbeing.

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