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Founded on a Shared Vision:


Inner Peace





About Shira

Shira Lazar, an Emmy-nominated pioneer in digital culture and emerging trends, is renowned for her impactful web-first news brand, 'What's Trending'. With a knack for recognizing the pulse of the digital age, Shira has graced various prestigious platforms including SXSW, VeeCon, NFTNYC, and NFTLA, earning her a coveted spot on Fast Company's Most Influential Women in Technology list. As a passionate advocate for digital evolution, Shira's insights and expertise have resonated with audiences worldwide.


Venturing beyond the digital realm, Shira's commitment to holistic well-being led her to co-found Peace Inside Live. Fusing her profound understanding of the digital landscape with a passion for inner peace and wellness, she has effectively bridged the gap between technology and mindfulness. Through Peace Inside Live, Shira endeavors to bring tranquility and balance to the fast-paced corporate world, highlighting the significance of mental well-being in today's digital age.


About Jordana

Jordana Reim embarked on her transformative journey into consciousness over a decade ago, with a Yoga Teacher Training initiation at YogaWorks. Since then, her path has been illuminated by the teachings and traditions of the world's most sacred spaces — spending years studying ancient practices in Thailand, the ashrams of India and the majestic Himalayas and monasteries of Nepal. Trained directly in the heart of the Himalayas, Jordana became adept in Vedic Sound Healing, mastering the art of energy harmonization through sound and vibration. Jordana is also a certified mindfulness teacher, life coach and author.


In her previous career, Reim was an executive producer of digital in New York City and Los Angeles where she received multiple Cannes Lions, Webby and One Show awards for her work with brands like Nike. Her teaching approach seamlessly bridges the gap between ancient practice and modern day mindsets.


Today Jordana's classes are celebrated as a retreat for the mind. Her meditative sessions, described as both calming and enlightening, offer individuals the tools to navigate life's complexities with grace and poise. With her original meditations having resonated with over a million souls globally, Jordana continually strives to elevate and expand consciousness, sharing her deep insights and holistic wellness modalities with corporate entities, groups, and individuals alike.

Leaves Shadow

The Creation of Peace Inside Live


Long-time friends, Shira and Jordana became close when Shira began her own personal growth journey. After having some major high and lows building her business, What’s Trending, she lost herself in the process. When Shira saw that Jordana, who had once been in the corporate world, was now guiding retreats in the Himalayas, Shira’s intuition told her she might need a bit of whatever Jordana had been finding.


In 2019, Jordana was leading a transformational meditation and hiking retreat to the Base Camp of Mount Everest, and Shira was the first to sign up. It was during this trip, at 4,410 meters above ground, that Shira and Jordana bonded over a desire to create mind-shifting content to nourish others. They both wanted this matter to be accessible to anyone awakening to the possibility of living outside of highly-anxious social norms.


After a few months of content creation, however, Jordana got stuck in Thailand when the pandemic hit. Since her retreat couldn’t happen that year as planned, she and Shira ran it online as the “Peace Inside” Retreat. Born was the idea that wherever you are stuck, either physically or mentally, you can find Peace Inside.

Shira and Jordana partnered to create a sense of this retreat in our everyday lives. Never wanting people to be without a mental health resource, they tirelessly ran classes seven days a week, partnering with their favorite practitioners from around the world.


In 2021, as video-conference fatigue set in, their first Web3 project was ignited through a referral by Josh Kriger from Edge of NFT and Outer Edge LA. For over a year of collaboration, they provided Peace Inside wellness utility in their Discord and through Twitter Spaces. Jordana and Shira are both NFT collectors and Web3 builders who want wellbeing for all. As the industry is ideated, built and grown, they continue to find ways to meet others inside, wherever they are.


Our Facilitators

Jordana and Shira have passionately handpicked a remarkable network, encompassing over 100 wellness experts and influencers.

This diverse group features renowned healers, holistic counselors, seasoned coaches, meditation gurus, yoga aficionados, and more, each bringing their unique expertise to the Peace Inside Live community.

Dive deeper to discover the luminaries who collaborate with us, enriching our programs with their vast knowledge and experience. Click 'Learn More' to meet some of these distinguished experts and explore their transformative journeys.

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